Drone photography

  • A drone is a flying device which can fly up to 50 metres high
  • In some areas flying a drone without a permit from State Aviation Agency is not allowed.
  • The allowed height of a drone flight in restricted areas is determined by the permit of the State Aviation Agency
  • There is no need for permit flying a drone outside restricted areas.
  • When flying drones in public places maximum security measures must be kept in mind (no flying above people’s heads)
  • We will leave us the right to refuse to fly in case of wind and rain as weather conditions raise the risks too high.

NB! We are always open to discuss possible alternatives so you could always get your picture on the canvas.


  • Omniva.
  • Post Office – The package will be delivered to your nearest Post Office.
  • I will come to collect in Riga as per previous agreement.

Subscription terms

  • The preparation of a canvas takes maximum 3-5 working days.
  • The goods are delivered to your door or sent to a parcel machine within 3 days after preparation.
  • Payment is based on invoice
  • We will let you know in case the picture you want is not of high quality on the canvas.

Canvas sizes

Format Size Price
A4 30X20cm 20 EUR
A3 45X30cm 25 EUR
A2 60X40cm 40 EUR
A1 90X60cm 70 EUR
A0 120X80cm 100 EUR